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About Us

Mission statement
As a leading luxury real estate developer and property management company we strive to provide dream homes and unique living concepts to customers in Kenya and globally. Our Management team offers a bespoke property management solution for all types of residential property.

We allow you to sit back and relax whilst watching your investment pay a healthy return . Our property management team will deal with everything from maintenance requests to the legalities as every single matter is handled efficiently and swiftly as possible.

What we will do for you as you get your healthy returns on your property investment :

  • Property Inspection :- To regularly ensure property is being well maintained and upto current market standards as well as advising our clients on the trending standards in the market.
  • Advertising your property : We use our Branded “to let / For Sale” boards to ensure clients are aware that we represent your property which will be located prominently for maximum exposure where possible.
  • Promote your property which generates maximum tenant/ buyers enquiries for your investment .
  • Rental reports : We notify you and keep you updated on the payment transactions with routine reports sent to you.
  • Power of Attorney : We can act as a Power of Attorney if you do not live in Kenya which means we sign Tenancy agreements on your behalf which makes your life easier as your investment brings you healthy returns .
  • Call out Policy : We work round the clock in looking after the properties and tenants which means damage limitation for your property and a happy and content tenant which translates into a paying Tenant!

Investment case
Our management believes the Company can offer investors the opportunity to participate in the future growth of a leading luxury property in Kenya.

Admiral Properties intends for investors to benefit from attractive returns, driven by strong financial results and enhanced margins resulting from the Company’s full development phase business model.

The Company aims to maintain a progressive dividend policy, but reserves the flexibility to amend the policy going forward, depending on market conditions.

Geographic expansion, across key target markets that are customer led, alongside product innovation, such as co-branded developments with premium brands, ensure that the Company is well positioned for future growth.
Admiral properties Investment highlights:

  • To be a renowned and Internationally recognized brand beyond the Kenyan frontiers
  • Leading growth of the premium property market and beyond
  • Proven business model with strong margins and attractive returns
  • Advanced in-house design, sales and project execution as well as service and hospitality capabilities
  • Future growth secured by existing development pipeline and ability to source new opportunities
  • Highly experienced management team and a committed founding shareholder

The Company believes that its strong position and internationally recognized brand translates into higher sales volumes, which also enables it to achieve higher profit margins than many of its competitors typically achieve.
As a fast developing country, Kenya continues to exhibit strong economic growth across a number of key sectors. Alongside the strong growth prospects, the region is also seeing an increased influx of expatriates and more foreign investment, a rising population and growth in tourism, further driving demand for prime residential property in the country.

Admiral Properties is therefore well positioned to continue to play a leading role in the further development of the region’s real estate market as the sector witnesses a cyclical recovery on the back of rising demand, renewed investor confidence and improved economic fundamentals.

Business model
The Company believes it achieves higher profit margins and high returns on equity through:

  • Aggressive project cost management
  • Land acquisitions in prime locations at good value
  • Active capital management
  • Speed of execution
  • Sophisticated and proactive sales and marketing teams

Advanced in-house design, sales, execution, service and hospitality capabilities
The core financial success of Admiral properties is its ability to generate strong sales on units in a project from launch.

The Company has a number of dedicated in-house teams, including Sales and Marketing, Design, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management and Acquisitions, which are instrumental in every step of the design, construction and sales process of its establishment.

Highly experienced management team and a committed shareholder
The Company is led by a management team of directors and senior managers with significant experience in the real estate construction industry, as well as in marketing, human resource management, company administration, corporate finance, legal and accounting.

The Board draws its knowledge and skills from both local and international experience.

Our strive
In Designing and building and providing the growing market demands of luxurious residential properties that complement Kenya’s rise as one of the world’s most exciting destinations is the catalyst behind the success story we strive to achieve and maintain.

With a zeal of ambition, Our real estate portfolio continues to evolve with innovative new projects that deliver distinctive, iconic landmarks that complement the region’s sophisticated and fast upcoming urban lifestyles.
As we expand into markets Admiral Properties will keep on creating urban landmarks through groundbreaking partnerships with its network of world-renowned architects, designers, artists and brand partners.

Admiral Properties continues to thrive by answering the calls of a new generation of property buyers and investors while helping to shape the region’s urban transformation.
We look forward to working with you on the various developments and projects you undertake.